Day 1:: Wipe brows at the following times:

Day 2:: Wipe brows 3 times: Morning - Midday - Evening 

Day 3 - 5:: Leave brows alone, allow them to dry up (during this time, avoid makeup, creams, and water on and around the brows) 

Day 6:: Start using brow balm: 1 time per day apply a very thin layer in the morning until all scabs are off 

Note:: Keep your brow balm for your touch up!

What to expect

Days 1 - 5:: Brows will appear darker and thicker. This is because scabbing forms over the strokes to protect the area while healing 

Days 5 - 9:: As the scabs are starting to come off, they may appear patchy (be patient, it’s just a few days and the balm will help with the flaking and itching) 

Days 9 - 12:: The pigment under the scabs may look light or milky due to a thin layer of scar tissue. This is completely normal 

Days 12 - 21:: The pigment will “re-surface” once the thin layer of scar tissue heals. The strokes will appear darker 

Note:: Any strokes/ pigment that did not hold will be redone at the touch up. This is normal, please trust the process!

How to care for your brows

First 7 days:: No sweating or gym. No water on the brows (wash your face with a face cloth or wipes and lean your hair back into a bath or shower)

Day 8:: You can start washing your face and hair normally 

First 14 days:: No facials. No massages 

First 3 weeks:: No hot sun (sunscreen can be applied once scabs have fallen off) 

Do not pick your scabs!