The Balm

For the first 48 hours after the procedure, leave brows alone. You can start using the balm after the 48 hours. Apply only a thin layer to the brows 2 times a day until the scabbing is finished. It is normal to experience two rounds of scabbing during the healing process (one full scabbing process and then a second)

The balm should last you approximately 7-14 days (so use very little)

What to avoid

Makeup and any skincare products on the brows for 10-14 days after the procedure

Avoid retinol or any acidic products on or around the brow area for 14 days

Do not pick your scabs during the healing process, let them fall off naturally

Avoid sun, tanning beds, hot baths, saunas, and pools for 2 weeks after the procedure

No facials or skin treatments for 3-6 weeks after the procedure

No exercise for 7 days after the procedure

Note: You must carefully follow the aftercare instructions for the best results possible