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Senior Artist $575 +tax

Microblading is great for those who have a decent amount of hair throughout their brows, whether sparse or dense. Microblading is typically chosen for those wanting very natural, fluffy looking result to enhance the brows they already have. This technique is done using a manual pen and blade that creates a series of hair-like strokes throughout the brows. If you are unsure if this service is for you, we can discuss on the day of your appointment or feel free to email us some photos of your brows so we can identify your options more clearly.



A consultation is not required but ideal for those who are unsure if they're a candidate for microblading or have specific questions/ issues that aren't explained in the FAQ section below. The consultation will consist of the brow technician examining your brows, explaining the microblading procedure and results you can expect.


6 Months - $199+tax // 1 Year - $299+tax

Microblading + Machine Shading

Senior Artist $650 +tax

Shading is a technique that compliments the line work of microblading. It gives an illusion of a fuller, dense brow (while still fluffy and natural from the microblading). The combination of these two techniques helps blend areas with very little/ no hair to areas that have more hair and is therefore the most popular service we do. Unsure if you’re a candidate for shading? Book a consultation and we can discuss your options in more detail.

Your first touch-up within 6-8 weeks of your Initial Microblading appointment is included. Additional touch-ups are available at 6-months and 1-year. After 1 year, a new initial appointment will have to be booked.

Powder Brows

Senior Artist $575 +tax

A powder brow is done using a machine that creates micro dots throughout the brow using a single, thin needle. This technique gives a soft makeup look (hence the name, powder). Powder brow is ideal for any skin type but is the only option for those with oily or combination skin . Powder brows can be made to look more dramatic or very subtle, depending on the clients needs and what we decide to do when you come for your appointment

More Information

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Click here to read about the aftercare involved post-procedure


Brow Shaping

$30 +tax

Got great brows, but need some help getting the shape right? Brow shaping might be for you. We walk through the same mapping procedure we use for microblading clients to make sure your brows are balanced, while preserving as much as your natural brow hair as possible. This is also a great way to get the lowdown on the microblading procedure before you're ready to take the plunge!

Brow Tint

$20 +tax

Add a touch of colour to your brows to make sure everyone else sees just how great they are. If you are nervous about microblading, a Brow Tint is a great (temporary) way to make your brows bolder.

Combine both shaping and tint for $45 +tax.